The Importance of Self-Reflection in Faith

The Importance of Self-Reflection in Faith

The Importance of Self-Reflection in Faith
By Ara H. Assilian
October 11, 2023

Do you ever reflect on what’s already been accomplished? Prioritizing time for reflection is equally as important as identifying your goals! At the beginning of every year, we are quick to make new resolutions to forget the last year.

Don’t get us wrong, setting goals is to be admired and necessary for growth. However, taking time to reflect on what God has already done is just as important.

How Reading Books About Faith Helps Out Grow

Reflection about faith surrounds us from everywhere. There are books that help us self-reflect about our faith, they open up our minds in ways that we can’t imagine. Moreover, reading books already has power over us, and self-reflecting through these books teaches us a lot about ourselves.

Why Reflection is the Cornerstone of Growth

Daily Reflection

You could reflect on your actions every single day. Moreover, perform a quick once-over of your activities, encounters, thoughts, and feelings before going to bed every night. What did you do right today? Where could you have done better? Specifically, what is a reflection of faith? Reflecting on your mistakes makes you less likely to repeat them.

Weekly Reflection

Every week, keep a specific time apart just for self-reflection about faith. Similarly, ask yourself, “Did you enjoy a few personal victories at home, work, or school?” Once you start asking yourself these questions, you can identify what you need to do differently.

We all need inspirational poetry fuel to the fire of our reflection practice by setting a weekly challenge for ourselves. Furthermore, always choose something that you can easily do, just so you don’t lose motivation.

  • I’ll distance myself from situations that make me angry so I don’t speak ill.
  • When people ask how I am, I’ll reply “Never been better!” and mean it.

Reflection on the Go

Be flexible with your reflection practice if that suits your temperament better. Moreover, the habit is portable and mobile, after all. Reflection about faith is everywhere around us. You don’t have to necessarily schedule a time to reflect, you can do that while you are eating, jogging, walking, or doing anything else.

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